The Old “Patio” at the Patio Beach!

Below are a couple of old photos of the patio that would likely be of interest to many!  Yeah, it’s actually a deck, but still everyone called it the patio!  I was showing some folks these photos at the picnic and it was mind blowing for those who remember it and instructive to those whoContinue reading “The Old “Patio” at the Patio Beach!”

Green Hill – Written by Donald Sipes Spencer in July 1992

My love for Green Hill could have started before I was born, since my mother and father spent their honeymoon at a farm house (since burned) that was located at the top of the hill on the site of the old Army Towers. Among the early residents at Green Hill were Capt Hooper at theContinue reading “Green Hill – Written by Donald Sipes Spencer in July 1992”