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The Green Hill Civic Association was incorporated under the laws of the State of Rhode Island on August 19, 1940 for the purpose of advocating, supporting and securing improvements of a civic nature as will tend to improve the general conditions of its members at Green Hill and vicinity.

Beach Access

Access to Green Hill Beach is secured by permanent Easement to the members of the Green Hill Civic Association.

If you would like to sit and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks or enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise and admiring the view, there are two easily accessible benches located near the entrance.

Over the last few years, the beach has suffered lots of erosion. Fortunately, on many days there is a small beach available at low tide. The Low Tide Club encourages you to carefully make your way over the rocks, it’s worth it!

Watercraft Waterfront

The waterfront area is easily accessible and ideal for launching a small boat, kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board. For members who would like to store their personal watercraft at the pond for the season, numbered racks are assigned at the start of each summer season. In addition, the GHCA now has several communal kayaks, life vests, and paddles that are available for members to borrow on a first come first serve basis. Having the kayaks and canoes stored at the pond is especially convenient for those who are looking to take a quick paddling trip on the pond.

Recreational Area

Members can enjoy the well-maintained tennis courts, the new bocce court, and the horseshoe pit. Bocce balls and horseshoes are available in the GHCA’s shed, which is located in the Recreational Area.

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