There are many reasons why we, our parents, grandparents, or other family members came to Green Hill. Perhaps for most of us it was to have a place of retreat in a beautiful, closely defined area whose identity comes from the large hill above the sea, the lush vegetation, the perfume of the beach roses, and the ocean beaches. Many of us have come here to find respite and repose, or to escape from our worlds of work, social demands, and everyday stresses. We may come for weekends, for a couple of weeks in the summer, to live year around in peace and beauty, or eventually, to retire here and grow old gracefully.

We have found a world of peace and a gentle pace. Green Hill affords us a haven of natural beauty; a place where the very young and the very old share the same experiences in the soothing woods, along the ever-changing shore, and in the deep sea whose sounds become the backdrop of our lives.

New Members

New Memberships

If you are considering joining the Green Hill Civic Association, please contact the membership committee chairperson.

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