The Green Hill Civic Association was incorporated under the laws of the State of Rhode Island on August 19, 1940.

The Purpose of the Association is to act for its members in preserving the present character of the neighborhood as a single-family residential, rural, non-commercial, and environmentally sensitive area. It will resist development, growth, and changes that threaten the ecology, beaches, ponds, woodlands, and rural-resort character of the neighborhood and community. The Association will maintain and promote present and future recreational facilities, including but not limited to, Tennis Courts, the Pond Boat Area, and Beaches. The Association also realizes the importance of social gatherings and will encourage its members to organize such activities on a regular basis. There is also a Hill Association that provides parking for its members.

Our meetings are the last Friday in June and the next to last Friday in August at the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church 4150 Old Post Road Charlestown, RI. We have two social functions, a dinner to kick off the season in early June and an end-of-summer picnic the next to last weekend in August.

Board of Directors

Name Phone Number
Peter Brash 646-641-7971
Mike Counihan 401-783-0249
Leah Puzzo201-321-5519
Dan Tanona401-782-1643


TitleName Phone Number
PresidentMal OConnor401-580-3703
Vice PresidentBill Conlin401-782-8636
SecretaryMaureen Koehl914-274-0875
TreasurerBill Anastasiades860-301-8902

Committee Heads

TitleName Phone Number
BeachMal OConnor401-580-3703
Boat LaunchBill Conlin401-782-8636
MembershipScott Graf707-884-9900
PicnicMaureen Koehl914 274-0875
Social Mary Ann Emanuel781-710-6244
TennisStephanie Marchand401-741-7936
VisionAJ Emanuel978-505-9507
WebmasterTom Capirchio401-757-0507
WelcomeCarolyn Craig401-783-7822


Meeting Minutes

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