Racquet Club

The GHCA Racquet Club takes advantage of the courts in the GHCA Recreation Area to offer pickleball and tennis. The courts are located towards the lower end of Green Hill Beach Road and sits between Green Hill Beach Road and Rosebriar Avenue.

Please familiarize yourselves with the rules and regulations at the courts. They are posted in the Message Center at the courts. The center will have the rules and regs and  a listing of all racquet club members as well as their rating (beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced for pickleball and 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, etc for tennis). Members can access other members’ contact info on the website so that they can be reached for play. If you do not want to have your personal info listed, please state this with your racquet club membership/renewal. The courts are unmonitored and there is no reservation system, therefore, on weekends, remember to use the whiteboard to sign up for a court if they are occupied.

Racquet club dues for both pickleball and tennis will remain at $150 for GHCA members; Associate membership will be $225. The annual fee to be a member of the Racquet Club is used to defray costs, which include maintaining the courts, their grounds, fencing, and regular resurfacing.

In addition to individual at-will access, the Racquet Members of GHCA may arrange lessons during off periods with an instructor.


This summer, we are planning to replace the Saturday morning open play with more formalized group instruction by Bob Burian who has given private lessons to many in the community. These will be offered for groups of up to eight. It will be scheduled for three 2-hour lessons over 8 or 9 days (e.g. Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday). The specific times and days will be determined by those involved and Bob’s availability. The first session will begin in May or June. Please contact Kathy Conlin if you have an interest. This will be open to all GHCA members and will cost $60.00 for the entire 6hr session. Please purchase your own pickleballs this year as we will not be purchasing them.


Membership was robust and, hopefully, will remain so this year. Renewal forms or new member forms will be emailed. Please mail dues to the “GHCA Tennis Committee” and not with your GHCA membership dues. Those interested in joining the racquet club can email christopherjfontaine@gmail.com or s-marchand@cox.net.


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