Beach Access

Use of the beach at the end of Green Hill Avenue is secured by permanent Easement to paid members of the Green Hill Civic Association, as well as to certain individual claimants, and their guests and tenants.  Some terms of use, such as the boundaries of the Easement, are parts of a legal settlement, while others are simply reflections of common sense and courtesy. 

Please use the beach in accordance with these provisions:

  1. Observe Easement boundary marker “GHCA beach ends.”  Eastward of this marker the beach above the mean high tide mark (use the lowest tidal seaweed line visible on a given day) is privately owned.
  2. Anyone may use beach and swimming areas below the mean high tide mark.
  3. Swimming is at your own risk – surf and currents may be unpredictable.
  4. When lifeguard is on duty, follow lifeguard instructions.
  5. Leave the beach clean – deposit refuse in cans. No household trash in these cans.
  6. Leave no belongings on the beach overnight (may be removed and discarded).
  7. For safety reasons, fill all dug holes before leaving the beach.
  8. No loud music or radios.  If other folks can hear it, it’s too loud for the beach.
  9. No unleashed dogs during regular beach use hours.  Observe South Kingstown Leash Laws, and be considerate of others on the beach who may not love your dogs as much as you do!
  10. No fires, no fireworks, no noisy behavior after dark.  (Please note:  police will enforce.)

Be careful  –  Be courteous  –  Have fun

NOTE: Please do not ask the Hill Association parking lot gate attendants to let you drive into the lot to unload.  Their job is to ensure that all cars entering the lot display current parking lot passes.  Our job is not to put any pressure on them to do otherwise.

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