2021 Sidewalk Chalk Day

Our first Sidewalk Chalk Day competition was a huge success!   17 of Green Hill’s young artists competed in this year’s competition by showing off their artistic skills with a patriotic theme and they also had lots of fun.  The contestants included Adam, Bowen, Cathleen, Charlie, Dylan, Elise, Giuliana, Leila, Matilda, Murray, Odette, Peyton, Rosie, Ruby, Ryder, Will, and Will C.  Because all of the drawings were so good, the judges had to select the winning artist by picking a name out of the hat.  Congratulations to Giuliana, our 2021 Sidewalk Chalk Day winning artist.  All of the contestants deserve our thanks and a special round of applause for sharing their creative skills with us.   

For those young budding artists who could not join us, we look forward to hosting another competition next summer.   

-Mary Ann and Linda

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