2022 Porchfest

GHCA’s third annual Porchfest was held on Saturday, July 23rd, in the O’Connor’s backyard. Almost 100 people brought lawn chairs, snacks, and beverages to enjoy the music anchored once again by Rik and Wendi Bourne. This year’s Porchfest featured performances by a number of first-timers as well as some of those who have played before. First-time performers included Dave Calabrese, Andrew and Laura Heyman, and Andy Harrell. Returning to the open mic were Rik and Wendi Bourne, Mal and Bonnie O’Connor, and Elwood Roberts. A number of people came up afterward to ask how they could sing and play at future Porchfests, and we’re looking forward to their participation next year. A good time was had by all, and we look forward to making Porchfest 2023 even better.

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