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If there are any Green Hill events that you would like to notify others in the community, please contact Tom Capirchio to get the event posted in the GHCA calendar.

Green Hill Civic Association Spring 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to all residents and homeowners in Green Hill!!

It’s difficult to know what to say by way of introduction this year. It has been a complicated, exhausting, and in some cases, tragic year, for many of us. To those who have lost loved ones during the pandemic, our hearts go out to you. To those who are suffering, or have suffered from Covid, we wish you ongoing recovery and health.

The weather treated us well over the past Fall and Winter. We had a lengthy and warm Fall season at a time when being outside was the only way to see other people. Winter brought a couple of snowstorms followed by an early Spring. March and April tacked back and forth between wonderful warm days and damp, windy weather. 

Looking ahead to the summer season, Rhode Island is steadily opening up.  While we need to continue to act safely, it looks like we will be able to do many more things this summer. Vaccinations in RI are available for anyone 16 or older. For up-to-date information on Covid vaccination:; for up-to-date information on restaurants, indoor and outdoor gatherings, and other venues:

Here’s the good news and less than good news from the officers of the Civic Association. Given the challenges of Covid and its multiple strains still facing our community, it was decided to forego the season kickoff dinner. However, we are planning to hold our end of season picnic. Feedback indicates Zoom meetings were popular, so the association meetings in June and August will be Zoomed.

We have an exciting new website and encourage you to check it out at:  On the home page you’ll find a calendar with all of the social events and dates mentioned in this newsletter. In addition, there are pages where you can share your recipes and cooking skills, learn Green Hill history, and a blog page. Check out the tennis, pickleball, kayaking, horseshoes, bocce and beach happenings – and where to find tradespeople.

Here’s to a wonderful, warm and healthy summer season for all!

New Neighbors

We have a record number of new community homeowners. We welcome each of you to Green Hill:

  • Joan Massey & Peter Jackson   —  Bayberry Ave.
  • Paul & Andrea Falvey  —  Maple Drive
  • Anna O’Driscoll & Ben Micheel  —  Carpenter Drive
  • Catherine O’Brien  —  Rosebriar Ave.
  • Kerry Nino  —  Green Hill Ave.
  • Meyer Family —  Land’ N Sea Drive
  • Bruce & Suzanne BookBinder  —  Coast Guard Ave.
  • Ken Hoffman & Lisa Tannebaum  —  Rosebriar Ave.
  • Tim & Mary Evnin  —  Green Hill Ave.
  • Josh & Tracey Grzelak  —  Hilltop Ave.
  • Teresa & Walter Fritz  —  Land N Sea Drive
  • Marty & Jennifer Carroll  —  Coast Guard Ave.
  • Chip & Michelle Reilly  —  Green Hill Beach Rd.
  • Antoinette & Steven Moore  –Green Hill Beach Rd.
  • Brenda Ballard  —  Carpenter Drive
  • Iolanda Marucci  —  Rosebriar Ave.
  • Nicholas & Monica Cafaro  —  Hilltop Ave.
  • Olivia Mattyasovszky  —  Carpenter Dr.
  • Jim & Lisa Murphy  —  Slope Ave.

Let us know anyone we missed so we can offer a welcome. Contact Welcome Chairperson, Carolyn Craig (401-783-7822) – give her their names and invite them to community events.

Green Hill Passings

The Green Hill community lost several of its most venerable members over the past year, folks who had strong roots in the community. Their contributions to Green Hill will long be remembered, and we extend condolences to the families. If we missed anyone, please let us know.

  • Marcia Bliss (April 2020)
  • Lou Schwechheimer (July 2020)
  • Wally Henshaw (Sept. 2020)
  • Gerald Pitcher (Oct. 2020)
  • Nancy Beals (April 2021)

Summer Events and Dates

Sat., May 29th,  Beach Cleanup 9:30 a.m.: Bring a rake or other tools, a pair of work gloves, and a large garbage bag, and we will all make quick work of clearing rubbish and flotsam from our beaches.

Sat. June 26th   GHCA Members Meeting, 10 a.m.:  Via Zoom. The agenda and Zoom link will be sent a week prior to the meeting. Please join us.

Sunday, July 4th Parade, 11:00 a.m.: It’s a pleasure to announce that the greatest little parade in South County will be back! Start off signal by Ron Dubois at the Carpenter Drive – Hilltop flagpole. Decorate a float; decorate your dog, decorate your bikes; bring all the kids; dress-up befitting the Fourth. Get the Classic Car out of storage and join in the celebration!

Saturday, August 21st – GHCA Annual Members Meeting, 10 a.m.:  Via Zoom. The agenda and Zoom link will be sent a week prior to the meeting. Please join us.

Saturday, August 21st – End of Season Family Picnic, 3:30 p.m.:  It’s the perfect way to end the summer season at Green Hill. Please bring a pot-luck dish to feed 8-10. Your choice – salad, main dish or dessert. Show us what you’re good at! Maureen Koehl will coordinate; more organizational hands are needed. Location TBD.  Please give Maureen a call [914 274 0875] to help with set-up and clean-up.  It’s an easy way to get involved.

The Beach

As you know, access to our beach has been severely compromised in recent seasons by mountains of boulders and cobbles uncovered by the tides that listen to no man or woman. To offer a glimmer of hope, the area was described on an early 19th century map as Stony Point. In our lifetimes we have enjoyed decades of beautiful beach.

We are hopeful that there will be a strand of beach to sit on during low tide. Last season, the Low Tide Club was formed and will continue to swim whenever there is enough sand at low tide. The benches will be back offering a perfect place to watch the waves during the day, and at night to marvel at the necklace of lights down Point Judith way.

We will not be hiring a lifeguard, so swimming is at your own risk. Please use prudence and observe our legal boundaries at the beach.

Pick-Up after Your Dog:  Poop Bags have been provided by GHCA at the entrance to the beach right of way and at the bocce court recreation area. Be a responsible pet owner. PLEASE use the bags and DISPOSE of them properly when you return home. Do not leave filled poop bags for others to ponder. Dogs are allowed on the beach on a leash.

Racquet Sports


Pickleball has become a popular part of Green Hill life, and we urge you to get involved. Saturday round robins starting at 9 a.m. will begin after Memorial Day if the Covid-19 crisis allows. This will be open to all GHCA members, even those who are not dues paying Racquet Club members. Pickleball equipment is stored in the pickleball box on the west side of the court.


Racquet Club membership fees will be unchanged: $150 for a household membership, $125 for pickleball only. All existing members will receive an email renewal form to be filled in and returned to the address on the form. If you are interested in joining the Racquet Club, contact Stephanie Marchand at or Bill Conlin at

The Tennis Committee has new officers: Stephanie Marchand is the new president. Stephanie succeeds Dick Kalunian, who served as president since the 1980’s – an amazing run! Thank you, Dick, for all you have done and for agreeing to remain available as a consultant.

Tennis Committee members include:

President – Stephanie Marchand                 Bill Conlin

Treasurer – Kathy Conlin                            Chris Fontaine

Secretary – Gail Dineno                              Dick Kalunian, consultant

Stay tuned for more specific information about tennis and pickleball after the Tennis Committee meets in May.


The bocce court has been top-dressed for the season, and people are already gathering on Sunday afternoons to play. Beginning on Memorial Day Weekend the official “Bocce and Banter” season kicks off. Join us every Sunday at 4 p.m. at the recreation area, weather permitting, and bring a beverage and something to nibble on.

You will find a quality bocce set, a rake and hand sanitizer in the shed next to the tennis courts. When finished, please use the rake to smooth the surface for the next players. Return all equipment to the shed – and lock it – before you leave.

Bocce tournaments are back by popular demand for 2021! We are planning two (day-long) tournaments this year following a similar format to last year. The first will be held on July 10th and the other at a date to be determined in August.  We will have teams of two compete in a bracket format with prizes awarded to the winners.  Dates and times will be sent to all members in June. Please register early.  Similar safety protocols to last year will be followed subject to changes as needed. See you on the Courts!!


There is a professionally designed horseshoe pit at the recreation area near the bocce court. Horseshoes are stored in the locked shed.  Please make sure to return them to the shed – and lock – it after use. Bocce and Horseshoes are available to all GHCA members. If you don’t have a key, keys will be distributed at the kayak area on the same day boat stickers are distributed.

Suggestions for additional uses of the recreation area? Contact Mal O’Connor at

Kayak Area  (aka Green Hill Yacht Club)

The kayak launch area saw record use last season, and we learned a great deal from that experience. Our Commodore, Bill Conlin, has laid out the following notes as we prepare for the coming kayak and canoeing season:

• Same as last year, there will be slots for individual kayaks, and slots for communal kayaks that any member can use. There will be six slots reserved for communal kayaks this year. Those will be in rack D, slots 6,7,13,14,20 and 21. That leaves 76 slots for privately owned kayaks. We expect a single slot will be available for all who need one. If you had a slot last year, plan on being assigned the same slot this year. This will minimize the work required to make the area work well for all.

•  Demand for kayak slots is high. If you request a kayak slot, please make sure to do so because you plan on using the kayak throughout the season. Every year slots are requested, assigned and then not used, which leads to space that others could use. We encourage those who rarely use the area, but still house a kayak there, to consider using the communal kayaks instead to free up a storage slot.

• Assignment of second slots (if available) will be by lottery after all first slots are assigned.

•  If you need to change your slot assignment, your request will be considered. Please request a change only if it’s absolutely necessary.

• Everyone will need a new sticker this season. They will be available, likely toward the end of May. The distribution day for the stickers will be communicated in another email.  If you don’t have a key to the communal kayak locks and the shed next to the tennis courts, you can pick one up on the same date.

• We will ask all who use the kayak area to sign a waiver.

If anyone wants to donate a sit-on-top kayak to the GHCA, please contact Bill Conlin (

As of April 17th, 11 kayaks remain in slots, some in their appropriate slot, others randomly placed. All need to be removed from the slots (they can be placed on the ground) as soon as possible as not to interfere with the assigning and use of this year’s slots. Kayak removal is not the job of the Commodore and his wife. Please do your part.

Social Events

Last year we put together a Social Committee that came up with a number of great ideas, but most were not possible due to Covid. Fortunately, the committee was able to get the Bocce court and tournaments up and running in 2020, but that was about it. This year the Social Committee, chaired by Mary Ann Emmanuel, has been busy planning fun activities for the 2021 season.  Below are some of the events you can look forward to.  Dates and further details on all of these events will be published soon on the website calendar:

Backyard Movie Night

Gather in a neighborhood backyard for a fun evening of a family-friendly cinema classic.  Our movie selection ranges from Disney flicks to Field of Dreams. Suggestions welcome and encouraged! This will be a BYOE happening – bring your own chairs, beverages, snacks and masks. The first outdoor movie night will probably be in June. Watch for email updates.


Porchfest is destined to be an event to remember! Green Hill neighbors are encouraged to bring their musical instruments and their voices and join Mal and Bonnie O’Connor and their friends, Rick and Wendi Bourne, for an “open mike” evening of live music on Saturday, ­­­­­­­­­July 17th in the O’Connors’ backyard, 17 Border Avenue. Not a musician? Come and hear your talented neighbors! Bring chairs, drinks, appetizers and, of course, your mask for a fun night of music and maybe even a little dancing!

More to follow in June re: timing and other logistical details. Want a place at the mike? Contact Mal O’Connor:

Green Hill Cookbook

Thanks to the hard work of Peter Jenny and Linda O’Connor, we are building a new Green Hill on-line cookbook, to share our local favorites with our GHCA friends. Included is a section with a growing list of food related resources. Check it out at  Send a favorite recipe to Peter or Linda so they can post them to the Green Hill website.  We can format scans of handwritten recipes; photos are welcome. Send to:  or

GHCA Website

Back in December, we announced the roll-out of the updated the Green Hill Civic Association website Our goal was to make the GHCA website a more interactive website for the GHCA community with more relevant content, while still preserving some of the great content from the previous website. Check out the updated calendar of summer events, community cookbook, a GHCA blog, history of Green Hill, and a photo gallery for starters.

The GHCA website is also meant to be a place where we can bring together our Green Hill community through organized events mentioned in this newsletter. If you are interested in contributing content to the website, please reach out to Tom Capirchio ( Also, be sure to check back often as content is continually being refreshed with new information.

Sending Email Messages to the Green Hill Community

Mike Counihan has started a Google group for us. The address is If you would like to join this group, please email Mike at The group is open to all members of the Green Hill community. This email address replaces the previous Yahoo Group email address, which is no longer functional.

Green Hill-Wear

Wondering where to find that fashionable Green Hill-Wear you see others rocking on the beach? You can find tee-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other clothing with the Green Hill logo at: There is increased demand for Green Hill wear. If you are interested in coordinating an effort to order tee-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, etc. with the Green Hill logo, we could use your help. Please contact Mal O’Connor at

Friends of Green Hill Pond and the Salt Pond Coalition

Just as a reminder, the folks at Friends of Green Hill Pond (FGHP) have focused their work on three priorities that together will preserve and protect Green Hill Pond: Increased flushing; reducing the high bacteria count that has closed the pond to shell fishing; and lowering the amount of nitrogen which causes oxygen depletion leading to the loss of fish and shellfish. President Dennis Bowman said that the projects we’ve previously reported on have been slow to start, but are now making solid progress. We’ll be able provide important updates at the upcoming meetings.

Our good neighbor, Ann Manion who’s a board member of the Salt Pond Coalition as well as the founder of the website, Green Hill Rocks reports the following:

Why Individual SPC Membership Matters

Did you know Salt Ponds Coalition [SPC] is the official state-designated watershed group for Rhode island’s salt ponds that stretch from Point Judith to Watch Hill? For more than three decades SPC has monitored and reported on salt pond water quality. Thirty-five volunteer pond watchers faithfully collect water samples bi-weekly April through October and then assist SPC Board Member and Westerly resident Barbara Engle to deliver the samples to University of Rhode Island’s labs. There are 5 Green Hill Pond testing sites and below are the names of our pond watchers. If you see them this summer, thank them for their dedication to Green Hill Pond!

Many can’t commit to such a significant volunteer role, but you can make a big difference by signing up for an individual SPC membership. Your financial contribution helps pay for the lab processing fees which surpass $20,000 each year. When you sign up for a membership at you help to protect the salt ponds for the benefit of wildlife and people for today and future generations. Be as generous as you can and thank you.

Green Hill Pond Watchers

  • George Hill
  • Ray Gradale
  • Erma Russo
  • Lori Keough

Subscribe to Green Hill Rocks

Ann Manion started the website Green Hill Rocks in 2015 to illuminate the area’s unique qualities, including its natural habitat, arts, culture and special people. Sign up for the bi-annual newsletter at and follow Green Hill Rocks on Facebook and Instagram this summer for latest news.

Get Involved! Volunteer with the GHCA and Its Partners

Get out and meet your Green Hill neighbors, make new friends, get some exercise and learn something new or share something old. Opportunities exist for help getting out mailings, beach cleanup, the annual picnic, social events and other activities. Contact one of the officers with your ideas.

GHCA Officers, Committee Heads and Board Members

A complete list of GHCA Officers, Committee Heads and Board Members can be found at

Enjoy the beautiful Green Hill Summer season!

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